Good partneships. Good sex. Be decisive. Do small things well.

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As I approach the age of 28, I’m starting to reflect on the lessons I have learned thus far. I believe the following four lessons, when done with care can help when seeking a good life.

Develop good relationships

I believe the people we spend time with have a big impact on our life’s outcome. We can choose to hang around people that drain us or we can choose to be around people that fill us and seek the best versions of us. …

Change CEO to CVO, having a just cause, trust in the workplace

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Like many people, I was first introduced to Simon Sinek through watching his TED talk “How great leaders inspire action”. I went ahead and bought a copy of Start With Why, his second book, and I found it very insightful.

Months later, I was going through a breakup and I was in a vulnerable state. If you have read my previous article, you know I don’t do well with vulnerability. So, during that time, I researched a bit on the topic of vulnerability and then found another TED talk. This time it was Brene Brown. …

It take courage to be vulnerable

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Vulnerability is the door we must open if ever we wish to welcome meaningful connections into our lives.

I feel like a coward while writing this because I become scared and avoidant whenever I’m presented with the opportunity to be vulnerable.

I think we’re not afraid to be vulnerable. We’re, however, afraid of how our vulnerability might be used against us.

In a world where perception is alpha and omega, a word that is associated with (it shouldn't) weakness is to be avoided like the plague.

We must, therefore, pay attention to those of us that are courageous enough to open themselves and be vulnerable. We can learn from them. I’m learning from them.

I’m not Chris Froome. Master the clip. Tailwind is Godsent. Pain

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Ever since getting my first bike at the age of 14, cycling has become a hobby I enjoy very much. I have completed two cycling challenges and currently (based on and excluding rides before Strava) sitting at over 3,570 km of cycling. My goal for 2021 is to complete 5,000 km.

Our hobbies define us. This is true for me when it comes to cycling. I find myself watching more Global Cycling Network (GCN) videos than before. I find pleasure in watching videos of Tour De France. I want to be a better (hobby) cyclist, ride faster, ride longer distances…

Apple Music has some catching up to do. Drake surprised me again. Thanks to Barack Obama for the inspiration.

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The year was coming to an end. My friend was driving to work the morning Spotify users started posting their Spotify Year in Review on their Instagram stories. My friend is borderline stuck in the Apple ecosystem and so as an Apple evangelist, he wouldn’t “betray” Apple Music.

He does wish, on the other hand, that Apple Music offered its users insights into their yearly listening habits. …

Kaldi, Ethiopia & the Goat

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The origin of coffee is uncertain. Legend has it that it all started in Ethiopia. One day, Kaldi, a goat herder noticed that one of his goats was acting peculiar after eating unfamiliar berries from an unknown tree. How strange, thought Kaldi. Little did he know he had discovered what would become a centre piece for many of our modern day catch ups, and a $20 billion global industry.

Kaldi immediately reported his findings to the local bishop. As if God had answered the bishop’s prayers, he immediately began making drinks using the unknown berries. These drinks kept the bishop…

Joseph Prospère

Aspiring architect. Hobby cyclist. Curious mind.

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